Returning to Maya

I have sorely neglected my creative side for far too long. One goal of mine for 2018 is to fix that.

A little about me

I started playing with 3d modeling and animation in the early 2000s with Lightwave. (I think it was version ~7ish at that time.) Over the years I explored Blender, Modo, 3dsmax (back in the Discreet days), and Maya. Eventually I decided to pursue technology as a career and began spending my free time working on my CompSci skills and ignoring art. I made a couple weak attempts to return to my artistic roots, but that never went anywhere.

Getting started

That brings us to today. Or rather a couple weeks ago. I decided I wanted to push the imaginative side of me more, so I hit up and found a great intro to Maya LT to get reintroduced with things. The course was a great refresher on the basics of the Maya interface, modeling, materials, animating, and keeping all of your stuff organized.

A Maya window showing a small robot

I just finished the videos about an hour ago, but I’m already looking around for tiny projects to get started on. My first project was obvious, though. I always start off by making a mushroom like those from the Mario game series. This one is based on the mushrooms from Mario Kart 8.


Why 2018 will be different

I am determined to keep this going, so I have set a specific list of courses to follow, and when those are done I’m tasking myself with making all of the assets necessary for any XR projects going forward.

Course completion

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